Intelligent Control Table                                                


General: The digital Intelligent Control Table should be made of high-quality molded all metal design structure and enclosure, with precision processing technology, housing 4 high end systems with powerful data analysis capabilities. It has an integrated Large and Medium display screens for a more convenient operation and a more intuitive data display. Acquiring and displaying emergency situations from various feeds that can be efficiently controlled and managed in real time, thus making it also a reliable and efficient command control platform.

The equipment is integrated with ambient blue LED lighting, and overall echoes a Futuristic Lab environment with a Sci-Fi Theme.

   • This equipment has 2 Nos of Processing Engines.

      • Specifications:

         • Dual 12-core Xeon
         • Dual 12-core Xeon
         • 256GB Memory
         • 1TB NVMe M.2 SSD
         • 48TB SAS HDD (16TB x 3 HDD's)
         • Graphic Card DDR5 8GB
         • 1300w SMPS
         • 32" inch Monitor x 2Nos Each
         • 17" inch Monitor x 2Nos Each

   • It will have 2 Nos of Controlling Engines.

      • Single i9 CPU 8-core
      • 128 GB Memory
      • 512GB NVMe M.2 SSD
      • 10 TB SATA HDD
      • Graphic Card DDR5 8GB
      • 1000w SMPS
      • 32" inch Monitor x 2Nos Each
      • 17" inch Monitor x 2Nos Each

   • Will be able to handle multiple input feeds from various sources.

   • It has a user-friendly design with easy mode selection and controls.

   • This equipment supports multiple input device integration.

   • It also has a strong data processing and analysis capabilities.

   • Has good data security features.

   • Each engine has an integrated multi-screen LCD display of 32 inch and 17 inch for more convenient operation and a more intuitive data display.

   • The entire Intelligent Control Table Console comes with a touch controllable LED lighting.

   • It is made up of a high-quality molded all metal design and structure with high gloss automotive paint finish.

   • It has a high transparency and hardness coating, having excellent weather, water and chemical resistance.

   • This matches all the other hi-tech Lab equipment.

   • This has an Embedded custom Logo with Backlit blue LED.

   • It has an ESD protection for external input devices.

   • The Dimensions will not be less than Length 5490 x width 2250 x height 1300 (desktop height 800) (mm)