Intelligent Video Wall                                                


General: The digital Intelligent Video Wall is made up of high-quality molded metal structure and enclosure, with precision processing technology, which uses multi-screen high definition LCD display for more convenient operation and a more intuitive data display. Having very high quality graphics with image splicing and stitching process, along with large screen Control Module.

The equipment is integrated with ambient blue LED lighting, and overall echoes a Futuristic Lab environment with a Sci-Fi Theme.

   • This equipment consists of One Main Screen and Two Side Screens on either side totaling 5 screens.

   • Each Screen is controlled by the Controlling Engines of the Intelligent Control Table.

   • The Main Screen Dimensions will not be less than 222 x 126 mm

   • The 4 Nos of Side screen Dimensions will not be less than 122 x 69 mm

   • This equipment will have High Fidelity Sound System with Speakers.

   • The entire Intelligent Video Wall has intensity controllable blue LED lighting.

   • The entire Intelligent Video Wall is enclosed in a Designer Molded high strength all Metal structure, enclosure matching the ambience of a High Tech Lab.

   • It has an anti-shine matte automotive paint finish with high transparency and hardness coating, with excellent weather,water and chemical resistance.

   • It matches all the hi-tech Lab equipment.

   • This has Embedded Custom Logo with Backlit blue LED

   • The entire Dimensions will not be less than Length 6224 x width 1065 x height 2800 (mm)