Side Wall Panels                                                


General: The Multi-Function Table should be a high-quality moulded all metal design, automatic lift smart stand up worktable, manufactured with precision processing technology.

The equipment should be integrated with ambient blue LED lighting, and should overall echo a Futuristic Lab environment with a Sci-Fi Theme.

   • Should have Ergonomic Height Adjustable control function with memory store feature

   • Should have Arm mounted system integrated adjustable Camera

   • Should have Arm mounted Windows Tablet with not less than 10 inch screen

   • Should have Arm mounted Light with a magnifier Lens

   • Should have Toolkit slider Drawers

   • Should have touch controllable LED lighting

   • Should have Embedded custom Logo with Backlit blue LED

   • Should have a High strength all metal design and structure with high gloss automotive paint finish

   • Should have high transparency and hardness coating, having excellent weather, water and chemical resistance

   • Dimensions should not be less than 5.24 x 2.88 x 2.46 ft