Training Tables                                                


General: The Training Table is of a high-quality moulded all metal design, training worktable, manufactured with precision processing technology.

The tables will have an integrated with ambient blue LED lighting, and should overall echo a Futuristic Lab environment with a Sci-Fi Theme.

   • Is able to readily mount 2 Screens.

   • Also able to house 2 Computer CPU`s which should not be visible.

   • The designer tables are made of high-quality materials with controllable LED lighting.

   • It has a high strength all metal design and structure with high gloss automotive paint finish.

   • This will also have a high transparency and hardness coating, having excellent weather, water and chemical resistance.

   • Has an Embedded custom Logo with Backlit blue LED.

   • Dimensions should not be less than 5.5 Ft x 1.60 x 3 ft.