We provide affordable & professional computer forensic services to Individuals, Companies and Law Enforcement agencies World Wide

We can perform our work at your location or in our labs. We are flexible, friendly and ensure the job and no shortcuts are taken.

Computer Forensics Experts

  • Identify sources of digital evidence
  • Preserve the evidence
  • Analyse the evidence
  • Present the findings

A standard computer forensic expert will generally give up when a faulty, unreadable or physically damaged hard drive is encountered. The key difference in choosing I.Tech Forensics for your computer forensic needs is that we are able to recover data in a forensically sound manner from these cases too!

We are not only specialized at locating electronic evidence, restoring deleted files, identifying hidden data and extracting password protected information, we also have the ability to restore many types of malfunctioning media. For litigation purposes, our digital investigators preserve and maintain electronic data in accordance to the National Institute of Standards and Technology ("NIST") thus ensuring admissibility in court. Our experts perform in-depth technical analysis of electronic evidence, as well as present these findings in an easily understandable manner.

I.Tech's experts are effective in identifying, preserving potentially discoverable evidence and analyzing electronic evidence, while maintaining a cost effective approach in support of an ongoing investigation.

Our solutions have been used to assist leading law firms and corporations to manage their electronic data more efficiently. We assist you in retrieving electronic evidence using forensically sound procedure that will prevent spoliation and ensure that the legal integrity of the evidence remains intact.

Let the professionals assist you in obtaining the evidence vital for winning your case.

Our standard service provides the fastest possible turnaround time, most of our cases are completed within 7 days.

Computer Forensics is the combination of technology and ingenuity in interpreting data and Meta data to reconstruct files and events. Electronic evidence is rapidly becoming a key component in civil and criminal litigation in describing actions or accounts of actions that led to an event. Quite often the offender has deleted or overwritten data which is incriminating.

I.Tech has preformed numerous recovery operations to retrieve hidden emails, files, and logs that have been used as key evidence in supporting both claims and defenses.

This process often involves investigating computer systems to determine whether there has been use for illegal or unauthorized activities. Recovered data is used as supportive evidence in various types of litigation including but not limited to; Intellectual Property Disputes, Labor Law Disputes, Sexual Harassment and Illicit Use of Company Property for Personal Gain.
I.Tech adheres to the Rules of Civil Procedure for Electronic Discovery. Evidence obtained may be used in various manners including but not limited to:

  • Demonstrate evidence of spoliation
  • Mitigate allegations of spoliation
  • Assist in drafting protocol for electronic discovery
  • Demonstrate transfer or dissemination of proprietary data
  • Reconstruct Files and/or Emails
  • Demonstrate Internet history
  • Construct a time line of events
  • Computer expert rebuttal
  • Locate assets by reconstructing QuickBooks and/or TurboTax files
  • Open password protected files
  • Computer Forensics Expert Witness
  • Neutral Computer Forensics Expert

We provide computer forensics services to attorneys, private investigators, litigation support firms, law enforcement/government agencies, corporations and small businesses. We have the expertise and experience to properly handle evidence in criminal and civil cases. Our facilities are alarmed to secure your most sensitive material.

Search and Seizure Services

  • Consultation on search and seizure procedures
  • Consultation on search warrant preparation
  • Assistance on site with search and seizure of computers

Preservation and Analysis Services

  • Exact image copies of hard drives, floppy disks and other magnetic or optical media, using court-proven hardware and software
  • Password cracking
  • Keyword searches
  • Document and financial data extraction
  • Analysis of Internet usage and searches
  • Analysis of electronic mail
  • Recovery of accidentally or intentionally deleted data
  • Determination of event timelines, when possible (e.g. date of document deletion, e-mail, etc.)

Presentation Services

  • Documentation and data returned in a variety of formats (e.g. CDs, DVDs, removable disks, cartridges, tapes, and/or on paper)
  • Experienced expert witness testimony provided in municipal, state, federal, and military courts.