Setting Up A Computer Forensic Lab?

I.TECH offers consultancy for setting up new as well as upgradation of existing Computer Forensic Labs, based on client`s solutions with or without our own products.

I.TECH is a system integrator and not a dealer of any specific product and hence integrates the best products and solutions available to client`s satisfaction.

What is Computer Forensics?

The art of performing secure precise and authentic evidence extraction, available on any digital media, restricted by the operating system and related programs, patiently and accurately.
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I.TECH DATA FORENSICS specialises in performing a thorough forensic analysis to extract evidence from any digital media.

I.TECH provides Computer Data Forensics, Mobile Phone Forensics and Forensic Data Recovery to the legal sector, police departments, local authorities and commercial organizations in Mumbai India.

I.TECH's 22 years experience in successful Data Recovery and dedicated investment in R&D, propriety tools, Class 100 Clean Room and equipment, used by well experienced engineers help recovering and analysing data with maximum efficiency, success and security.

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